Brewery Artwalk October 2015

The Brewery Artwalk is here again. I’ve upgraded my walls, I have new pieces of art. Everything is feeling great, wonderful and I am really looking forward to it. My featured work in the I5 gallery is from my I Occupy Myself series and titled “Mine”. See it at the I5 gallery located in the Atrium along with many other excellent pieces from other Brewery residents.

Spring Artwalk 2013

I had 5 new prints and 5 pastel drawings ready for this artwalk. My book was on display as well. Friends, family and supporters all were at hand. Thank you all! I look forward to seeing you at the next artwalk in October. Also, I had several people ask about doing commissioned art pieces (yes I do) and if I had a variety of print sizes I could do. (yes) You can contact me here or at sanddancer99@gmail. com!

All Blessings,



The April 2013 Brewery Artwalk

Victoria and Alex Lehr

Artwalk is going great this year. Lots of friends and new faces. Alex Lehr dropped by to say hello. I am going back down to the gallery now. I’ll do a real update soon.

Fall 2012

The Universe unfolds very quickly and our Fall Brewery Artwalk is almost upon us. Come visit Oct. 20-21 from 11-6. My studio address is 642 Moulton Ave. ste W-15 LA CA 90031. This is the 30th anniversary of the artwalk and promises to be spectacular. For me this will be the celebration of the birth of my first coffee table book, “She Has a Penchant for Passion”. It is a combination of Poetry and Photography, Painting and Illustration….very unusual. Come out and join us!

Artwalk Spring 2012

It is busy here in V-world. I’ll be putting out an update in the next day or two when Art Walk is over. In the meantime I will be putting up some new photos and collections that will be for sale.

Now…… back to the gallery!………

Fall Artwalk 2011

September Artwalk came and went, and was at the very least, fascinating. I was invited to show my work at three galleries, sold some prints, and had a great time with the very informed guests who came to grace my studio. My book is so close to being done! I am just waiting on the biography…All in all, I am happy.  The year is coming to a close, and I am working on generating some new work, as well as helping develop infrastructure for 14 camps at Burning Man. I love the idea of helping connect these amazing people and making it easier for them to have more balance between work and fun…

I just helped connect two amazing visionary artists to the Brewery community. My friends Amanda Sage and Michael Divine graced our Brewery Artist colony this month for a 5 day workshop and culminating party. The artists painted in West Eleven, a new studio workshop space. (Highly recommended). The teachers were focused and inspiring! Pictures will follow…stay tuned!

The Brewery Artwalk Spring 2011

The Brewery Artwalk
The Brewery Artwalk

Join us for our biannual Artwalk! It is April 16-17 from 11-6. Wear good walking shoes as there is much to see. Barbara’s Cafe is opening for casual and artistic dining! Come visit me…walk over the troll bridge into my garden and studio! This Spring I am focusing on finishing the Body pieces and refining two others. The newest ones are “Alchemy” and “Nesting”






“Alchemy” is largely made of plastic, resin, metal (tin, copper, silver, gold leaf), wood, glass beads, coral, photographic collage and die cuts with an orchid blossom in the center. I made a few updates on her since her show at Lyfe Yoga Gallery in Huntington Beach.









“Nesting” is mainly made of wood, plastic, eucalyptus bark, glass beads and maple seeds.

The rest of my time has been on finishing my first book titled “(She has a….) Penchant for Passion”, a coffee table book of poetry and artwork. If my readers are interested in being informed on dates for the opening celebration for the book, please send an email. Thanks to all who have supported and continue to support my artistic endeavors.

I look forward to seeing your smiling faces at the Brewery Artwalk!!!!

Upcoming Art Events

In Visible Woman” A solo art show for the month of June, 2010

Opening Saturday June 5, 2010 7-10pm…Come Join Us!

(photography, poetry, and mixed media) by Victoria Sebanz

At the Rumor Mill, an intimate coffee house gallery

11739 West Washington Blvd.

Los Angeles Ca 90066

310 397-5400

Information also on

under The Rumor Mill and Victoria Sebanz

September: Work will be at The Folk Tree in Pasadena CA, more information to come

October: Work will be on display at the Brewery LA CA, more information to come.