Brewery Artwalk October 2020

I hope you are all safe and well as we navigate these strange times. Love and light will guide us through and I know we will get to the other side.

The Brewery Artwalk will be a virtual event this Fall of 2020.  I have art in both the I5 Gallery and the Brewery Artwalk websites.

There are virtual tours and a live stream on both Saturday and Sunday.

The virtual tour will allow you to ask questions and interact with the artists. Go here to sign up for the tours.

My studio is scheduled:

Saturday October 24th

Morning tour “B” at 12.30pm
Afternoon tour “B” at 4.50pm


Sunday October 25th

Morning tour “B” at 12.20pm
Afternoon tour “B” at 4.50pm

I hope to interact with you and answer your questions. It will be interesting!

The live stream will be available here all day. My scheduled slots are the same as the tours.


See virtually all of you this weekend!

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