Metal Prints

I have added some new metal prints for this October’s Artwalk. Cosmos, a reproduction of a mixed media piece comes from my “Semanas” series which was shown in Riverside a number of years ago.

The Brewery Artwalk October 2016

The Brewery Artwalk is just around the corner again, (actually, at the end of this week), and I want to put out an update on what I’ve been doing with my art recently.

We Chose Art: A Feminist Perspective
A diverse group of talented women!

In May I showed three of my Native pieces, North Winds, Sweatlodge  and Spirit Song,  at the MuzeuMM Gallery in West Adams for the show “We Chose Art. A Feminist Perspective 2016“. The show showcased a diverse group of women using a wide array of media in their art.

Also in May with the stellar effort of Baha Danesh I co-curated the I5 Gallery show, “Reflections”, a collection of works from the students of Bravo Medical Magnet High School. This was the second year we have hosted this show and each year it just gets better. It’s a great opportunity for young aspiring creatives to expand and connect with more established and successful artists.



In June I was in two member shows. My photographic metal print, Water Dance

Water Dance
Water Dance

was on display for the Los Angeles Center of Photography at dnj Gallery at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica and Hummingbird Girl,

Hummingbird Girl
Hummingbird Girl

(mixed media, colored pencil and pastel), was at Avenue 50 Gallery in Highland Park for the SCWCA show “Earthly Delights”.



Currently, I am enjoying the feel of my new photographic metal prints that will be for sale this weekend.

My studio at 642 Moulton Ave W15 Los Angeles, CA 90031 will be open this weekend for the Brewery Artwalk. I look forward to seeing you there.

New Drawing

In the Dreamtime, (my latest drawing), was shown in the I5 gallery at the April 2016 Brewery Artwalk. It measures 38″ x 40″ and is graphite, oil and chalk pastel.


If it wasn’t for a dear friend who surprised me with a mysterious challenge, I would be doing something else. These illustrations give me respite, a mini vacation between other projects. Who knows where they could lead? I am reminded that it is important to draw every day. I never know what is floating in that mind of mine. There you have it:
The Screamer…a dancing girl,

The Dreamer…a dreamer (she moves between planes)

The Day Dreamer…and the counter, who is enchanted by the energy of the flower.

Artists of the Brewery/Artwalk April 2014

Thank you for supporting me and all of the artists at the Brewery this weekend. It was an honor to have you all gracing my space, and wonderful to see so many familiar faces.

As you may already know I have been producing a documentary on some of the artists here at the Brewery. It is called “Artists of the Brewery”, and is a glimpse into the hearts and minds of 25 innovative and creative thinkers gathered in one very unique place.

For ease of viewing on YouTube it is divided into “Artists of theBrewery” Part 1 and Part 2.

If you want to know about more artists, there has been a great response to the film, and so I have decided to continue this project!

Also, There have been a few short films done about the Brewery before this. Check them out as well, anc zlxo the one prior to this, titled: A Day in the Life of the Brewery, produced by Kristine Schoemaker.  Eric Minh Swenson filmed and edited the videos thus far and Bryan Zee, (also a Brewery resident), composed the soundtrack for “Artists of the Brewery. ”

We still have some editing and touching up to do, but I wanted to make sure the video was up and running in time for the April Artwalk. Here they are very nearly complete. Enjoy them now and the tightened version will be up soon.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the video!

Ps.  I’ll follow up with full credits and contact information soon!

Peace and love.




Eye Bee Eye

I began a new series before Fall Artwalk titled Encounters in Nature. I wanted to capture pivotal memories and moments people have had with small creatures, bugs and birds. We tend to forget that our world is both strong and fragile, and that without these beings we would cease to exist. We also are caught in awe, fear, confusion and amazement when we get to look up close and personal at other living beings. Through a bit of exaggeration and distortion I am creating the emotional portrait of that meeting of the minds. My hope is to create 100 of these, and I thank those people who have sent me emails of themselves reprising that experience. If you are interested in contributing your magic moment in image and story, please send to



Spring Artwalk 2013

I had 5 new prints and 5 pastel drawings ready for this artwalk. My book was on display as well. Friends, family and supporters all were at hand. Thank you all! I look forward to seeing you at the next artwalk in October. Also, I had several people ask about doing commissioned art pieces (yes I do) and if I had a variety of print sizes I could do. (yes) You can contact me here or at sanddancer99@gmail. com!

All Blessings,



The April 2013 Brewery Artwalk

Victoria and Alex Lehr

Artwalk is going great this year. Lots of friends and new faces. Alex Lehr dropped by to say hello. I am going back down to the gallery now. I’ll do a real update soon.

Modern Art Romances the Cairo Cowboy

I was invited by James “Berky”Berkowitz to take part in the Venice Art Crawl. The event took place at the Cairo Cowboy near the Venice boardwalk on Nov. 15, 202. I installed 4 photographs (Shadow of a Woman, I Occupy Myself, Evocations 2, and Moon Dancer. I had copies of my new poetry and art book on hand “She has a Penchant for Passion”. I also recited a poem titled “In Visible Woman” (seen here as recorded by Bryan Zee). I danced as well to a recorded poem titled “She Always Ran But Never Left”. It was an exciting night, with very talented people in the house. There was great music by Corty Byron and Tim Geracoulis, painting by Bill Dambrova, and photography by Nina Trip. James Berkowitz recited an impassioned set of poems as well.In Visible Woman

She has a Penchant for Passion

She Has A Penchant for Passion
She Has A Penchant for Passion

My Art and Poetry coffee table book titled “She has a Penchant for Passion” arrived the day before the Brewery Artwalk! Thanks to all of you who have purchased a copy. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. It has been a long and rewarding journey. It is not over and I am trusting in the paths my artistic endeavors are taking me. To all those familiar faces I have seen over the years, your support means so much to me.

This Thursday November 15 I will be appearing at the Cairo Cowboy Grill as part of the Venice Art Crawl. The Cairo Cowboy is located at 46 Winward Ave in Venice right near the boardwalk.  I will be reciting poetry, displaying photography, dancing and signing my Art and Poetry book from 7:30-9pm.

Fall 2012

The Universe unfolds very quickly and our Fall Brewery Artwalk is almost upon us. Come visit Oct. 20-21 from 11-6. My studio address is 642 Moulton Ave. ste W-15 LA CA 90031. This is the 30th anniversary of the artwalk and promises to be spectacular. For me this will be the celebration of the birth of my first coffee table book, “She Has a Penchant for Passion”. It is a combination of Poetry and Photography, Painting and Illustration….very unusual. Come out and join us!

New Works

Five new photographs had their debut at the Spring Brewery Artwalk. They began as documentation of a 4th Wall Project, directed by Brian mcCormack, in collaboration with dancer/model Ashley Parker. In one location audience members called out words or phrases, which were translated into sound waves, graphed, projected and then painted onto Ashley. After experiencing this process, I chose these 5 images to develop in a more spiritual, painterly fashion. I recognize that we are frequency, resonance, and vibration, and was moved by the idea that a woman is infiltrated with cultural, social and political “waves”, yet can and must remain…her own. To occupy oneself is to be a conscious creator, to be aware and sensitive to one’s own essence.

Artwalk Spring 2012

It is busy here in V-world. I’ll be putting out an update in the next day or two when Art Walk is over. In the meantime I will be putting up some new photos and collections that will be for sale.

Now…… back to the gallery!………

Fall Artwalk 2011

September Artwalk came and went, and was at the very least, fascinating. I was invited to show my work at three galleries, sold some prints, and had a great time with the very informed guests who came to grace my studio. My book is so close to being done! I am just waiting on the biography…All in all, I am happy.  The year is coming to a close, and I am working on generating some new work, as well as helping develop infrastructure for 14 camps at Burning Man. I love the idea of helping connect these amazing people and making it easier for them to have more balance between work and fun…

I just helped connect two amazing visionary artists to the Brewery community. My friends Amanda Sage and Michael Divine graced our Brewery Artist colony this month for a 5 day workshop and culminating party. The artists painted in West Eleven, a new studio workshop space. (Highly recommended). The teachers were focused and inspiring! Pictures will follow…stay tuned!

Post Artwalk

It was an incredible time. Many of my past supporters, clients, art patrons and friends came out to visit. The message from the Universe was clear: Art makes a difference. It inspires, opens the mind, and brings beauty in new and unexpected ways and places. Thank you for telling me I am making a difference. It felt like I was being mind-hugged all weekend.

Now…..Questions asked (and answered for you here and now) were:

1. Do you still make your angel paintings? (Yes, by commission, and they are still $450.00…it is a magic number! )

2. Do you photograph special events? (Yes, extraordinary ones!)

3. Can I purchase prints in any size? (Yes, standard sizes are common and I will work with specific frames as well)

4. How much are your framed poems? ($50.00, unique with added embellishment)

5. How much for the Body Pieces? (Sorry, they are not for sale at this time. I am creating a series for a gallery show, and each one speaks to me about the other…so they need to be together!)

6. I haven’t seen any of your illustrations lately…are you still selling them? (I have been focused on the body inventions…I can do commissions but will need lead time.)

7. When will your poetry/art book be out? (Barring any green over-analyzing on my part, 6 months! I must admit I am a stickler for details!…It has to feeeeeeeeel like me!)

The Brewery Artwalk Spring 2011

The Brewery Artwalk
The Brewery Artwalk

Join us for our biannual Artwalk! It is April 16-17 from 11-6. Wear good walking shoes as there is much to see. Barbara’s Cafe is opening for casual and artistic dining! Come visit me…walk over the troll bridge into my garden and studio! This Spring I am focusing on finishing the Body pieces and refining two others. The newest ones are “Alchemy” and “Nesting”






“Alchemy” is largely made of plastic, resin, metal (tin, copper, silver, gold leaf), wood, glass beads, coral, photographic collage and die cuts with an orchid blossom in the center. I made a few updates on her since her show at Lyfe Yoga Gallery in Huntington Beach.









“Nesting” is mainly made of wood, plastic, eucalyptus bark, glass beads and maple seeds.

The rest of my time has been on finishing my first book titled “(She has a….) Penchant for Passion”, a coffee table book of poetry and artwork. If my readers are interested in being informed on dates for the opening celebration for the book, please send an email. Thanks to all who have supported and continue to support my artistic endeavors.

I look forward to seeing your smiling faces at the Brewery Artwalk!!!!



Nesting is number 4 in the body series (Sacred Land, My House-My Skin, Hot-House Flower and She is My Tattoo having had their respective gestations and births long ago)

The materials continue to evolve as does the piece. Eucalyptus tree bark is the most important material….it serves as her flesh.(It was also used in Tree Spirits Singing).

I love to use this because it is like human skin, many-layered and sheer. Nesting indicates and honors the beauty of pregnancy and gestation itself.

This piece is inspired by my daughter, an amazing woman and mother.


When God was a Woman

This 3 layered piece was completed last year and received great response. Here is the completed image before being housed in its floating frame.



I have just created my first artwork for the week. “Shadow Dancers”
Die Cut …………….water color, archival ink……….and yes I used scissors!!


My miniature version of Shadow Dancers is painted on a light bulb(!). It’s part of the Lights on LA public art project at Pershing Square, Jul 15-Sept 18, and is presented by the Tarryn Teresa Gallery.