Modern Art Romances the Cairo Cowboy

I was invited by James “Berky”Berkowitz to take part in the Venice Art Crawl. The event took place at the Cairo Cowboy near the Venice boardwalk on Nov. 15, 202. I installed 4 photographs (Shadow of a Woman, I Occupy Myself, Evocations 2, and Moon Dancer. I had copies of my new poetry and art book on hand “She has a Penchant for Passion”. I also recited a poem titled “In Visible Woman” (seen here as recorded by Bryan Zee). I danced as well to a recorded poem titled “She Always Ran But Never Left”. It was an exciting night, with very talented people in the house. There was great music by Corty Byron and Tim Geracoulis, painting by Bill Dambrova, and photography by Nina Trip. James Berkowitz recited an impassioned set of poems as well.In Visible Woman