Post Artwalk

It was an incredible time. Many of my past supporters, clients, art patrons and friends came out to visit. The message from the Universe was clear: Art makes a difference. It inspires, opens the mind, and brings beauty in new and unexpected ways and places. Thank you for telling me I am making a difference. It felt like I was being mind-hugged all weekend.

Now…..Questions asked (and answered for you here and now) were:

1. Do you still make your angel paintings? (Yes, by commission, and they are still $450.00…it is a magic number! )

2. Do you photograph special events? (Yes, extraordinary ones!)

3. Can I purchase prints in any size? (Yes, standard sizes are common and I will work with specific frames as well)

4. How much are your framed poems? ($50.00, unique with added embellishment)

5. How much for the Body Pieces? (Sorry, they are not for sale at this time. I am creating a series for a gallery show, and each one speaks to me about the other…so they need to be together!)

6. I haven’t seen any of your illustrations lately…are you still selling them? (I have been focused on the body inventions…I can do commissions but will need lead time.)

7. When will your poetry/art book be out? (Barring any green over-analyzing on my part, 6 months! I must admit I am a stickler for details!…It has to feeeeeeeeel like me!)