She Always Ran

She always ran but never left
And I only heard the hurt without hearing the reasons
The season came and went for me to listen
The leaves fell at my feet
I didn’t notice the colors
I forgot the timbre of her voice and the brightness of her smile
That beckoned stay with me, be my love of a lifetime
Dance with me awhile
I didn’t notice the colors
That floated in her eyes
Kaleidoscoping brightly
In the quickness of her mind
I forgot her fear and replaced it with mine
And couldn’t listen, wouldn’t listen
I ran out of time
I replaced her
With others of a watercoloured hue
Wanting only to preserve
My point of view
And I found the palette wanting
Still not knowing what to do
I’d forgotten how to listen to both her and myself
And couldn’t listen, wouldn’t listen
Put us both upon the shelf
I didn’t notice the colors her asking fingers drew
As they trailed upon my chest and lips
(She kissed my eyelids too)
I couldn’t see the colors blur
In her last goodbye
Her heart had been in love alone
I forgot the reasons why

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