Artwalk April 2015

chakra This Brewery Artwalk, I will be displaying my new piece, “Chakra”. She is the latest of my Veenus series artworks. She is vibrantly electric. Come down and have a look for yourself this Saturday and Sunday, (April 25-26 2015), from 11am to 6pm.
I’ll be at 
Wilde Sanctuary gallery to sign my poetry and art book, “She Has a Penchant for Passion”, Which is also available at

I look forward to seeing you there!

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If it wasn’t for a dear friend who surprised me with a mysterious challenge, I would be doing something else. These illustrations give me respite, a mini vacation between other projects. Who knows where they could lead? I am reminded that it is important to draw every day. I never know what is floating in that mind of mine. There you have it:
…a dancing girl,

…a dreamer (she moves between planes)


…and the counter, who is enchanted by the energy of the flower.

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Artists of the Brewery/Artwalk April 2014

Thank you for supporting me and all of the artists at the Brewery this weekend. It was an honor to have you all gracing my space, and wonderful to see so many familiar faces.

As you may already know I have been producing a documentary on some of the artists here at the Brewery. It is called “Artists of the Brewery”, and is a glimpse into the hearts and minds of 25 innovative and creative thinkers gathered in one very unique place.

For ease of viewing on YouTube it is divided into “Artists of theBrewery” Part 1 and Part 2.

If you want to know about more artists, there has been a great response to the film, and so I have decided to continue this project!

Also, There have been a few short films done about the Brewery before this. Check them out as well, anc zlxo the one prior to this, titled: A Day in the Life of the Brewery, produced by Kristine Schoemaker.  Eric Minh Swenson filmed and edited the videos thus far and Bryan Zee, (also a Brewery resident), composed the soundtrack for “Artists of the Brewery. ”

We still have some editing and touching up to do, but I wanted to make sure the video was up and running in time for the April Artwalk. Here they are very nearly complete. Enjoy them now and the tightened version will be up soon.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the video!

Ps.  I’ll follow up with full credits and contact information soon!

Peace and love.



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MISS MUFFET [SinglePic not found][SinglePic not found]

I began a new series before Fall Artwalk titled Encounters in Nature. I wanted to capture pivotal memories and moments people have had with small creatures, bugs and birds. We tend to forget that our world is both strong and fragile, and that without these beings we would cease to exist. We also are caught in awe, fear, confusion and amazement when we get to look up close and personal at other living beings. Through a bit of exaggeration and distortion I am creating the emotional portrait of that meeting of the minds. My hope is to create 10o of these, and I thank those people who have sent me emails of themselves reprising that experience. If you are interested in contributing your magic moment in image and story, please send to



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“Penchant for Passion”

She Has a Penchant for Passion

She Has a Penchant for Passion

My book, “Penchant for Passion” is available on . It is a unique hardcover “coffee table  book” of 44 poems and 45 photographs. It is designed in 4 chapters as a psychological and spiritual journey that any person can relate to and find inspiration in : Section 1: A Walk between Two Worlds speaks of the thin veil between the material and spiritual world. Section 2: Deviations and Desire: Love and Passion in relationships and of self. Section: 3: On Becoming: The journey of coming into self, self-love and acceptance, and Section 4: In Visible Woman, celebrating self.  The photographs are beautiful full color renditions.




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